Writer, Co-Active Coach, Ultra marathoner

With her books, and articles she is a hope giver, open hearted, inspirer writer who runs ultra marathons.

She is an open hearted, hope giver writer who inspires with her articles and her personality.

Yonca Tokbas / Writer – Ultra marathoner – Coach – Bee lover – Open hearted – Hope giver – Mother

She graduated from Lycée Charles De Gaulle in Ankara and English Language and Literature at Bogazici University in Istanbul.

She has started to work at age 11 with Babysitting and continue with English – French – Tennis – Mathematic tutoring. She had variety work experiences such as preparing prime news at Kanal 6, English – French – Turkish simultaneous translator at live broadcast at TUSIAD, Sarkuysan, Commercial Union, Yasar Export Trading companies in different sector and various job titles.

After she moved to Dubai as Expat – wife, she worked at HR department of Schlumberger and ExxonMobil during 12 years. She worked at HR, Sales, and Business Development departments.

She become mother of two and also founder and moderator of Sultans of Dubai group which has more than 2000 Turkish Women who lives in UAE.

She resigned from cooperate business life in 29 February 2012 to persuade her passion of running and writing. Just after 2 months later, her right heel got broken and gives her permanent injury. Doctors advised that she cannot run anymore and should take epilepsy medications.

While she was not able to move and run she wrote Karisik Kurusuk Seyler kind a therapy for herself. She left her crutches at home and went to Lycian Way Ultra Marathon to run 140 km within 6 days and finished at first place among women. Her pains get less and less while she runs more and more. She has continued to run marathon and afterwards ultra marathons.

Competed marathons: Venice, Schneider Electric Paris, Malta, Istanbul, Médoc and Amsterdam Marathons.

She had disqualified at 75 km due to late arrival on last check point at Ýznik Ultra 80km on her first attempt. She completed 80 km on her second attempt at the next year.

She got one first place and one second place at Runfire Cappadocia Ultra Marathon at 6G Category. She completed Iznik Ultra 46 km race and Sapanca Ultra Mountain Marathon 50 km. She decided to quit at 83 km at The North Face Cappadocia Ultra Trail 110 km race. Right now, she is discovering her limits at 2016 Lycian Way Ultra Marathon at Ultra marathon category which takes 6 days in 6 stages spanning approx. 250 km of difficult course where she has to carry all her equipment and belongings and food in her backpacks with her all through the race.

Her book Karisik Kurusuk Seyler had published in 2012 from GOA Publishing. It gives hope and inspiration with her other articles to readers for whatever they would like to do and to become.

She continues to write at Hürriyet.com.tr, Kelebek, and Elele and her personal web page. She is raising funds via running and her articles for NOG’s such as TEGV, TOFD, TEMA, and TOG. She is also working with youth members of TOG in 36 cities of Turkey on her project called Anadolu Arilari (Bees of Anatolia) to increase awareness of bee deaths in colonies and spread bee loves to save the future.

She is CTI trained co-active coach and coaches actively since 2014.

She believes that as a person who opens her heart can hear everybody’s heart without any judgments or any boundaries.